V Международный форум "Религия и мир"
В этом году тема форума – "Религия и экология". На тематических площадках участники мероприятий обсудят со ...

Пресс-конференция о международных форумах Союза "Христианский мир"
23 и 24 октября состоится V Международный форум "Религия и мир". В этом году его тема – "Религия и экология".

Religion / Религия
Beauty, a term once revered in ancient days as the pinnacle of physical attributes embodied in worldly entities, has seemingly in this day lost much of its meaning. Phrases like ... It is impossible ...

Общественные территории в 2019 году по ФКГС ремонтироваться не будут
Напомним, что в декабре прошлого года состоялось рейтинговое голосование по выбору общественных пространств для первоочередного ...

Whole Church. Leading From Fragmentation To Engagement
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Whole Church. Leading From Fragmentation To Engagement

1 636 р.

Praise for Whole Church «Mel is a thoughtful analyst of church life today

Add all these to his many years as a seasoned practitioner of church ministry, and the result is this very helpful book, Whole Church." —Stuart Briscoe, author, Flowing Streams and broadcaster, Telling the Truth

Best of all—he actually does what he writes about

The final 'dynamics' section is worth the price of admission for church leaders." —Reggie McNeal, author, The Present Future and Missional Renaissance «Having known Mel Lawrenz for thirty-five years in various capacities as student, intern, colleague, and eventual successor as senior pastor of Elmbrook Church, I can testify to his keen mind, his profound respect for and knowledge of history, his forward-looking curiosity, and his undoubted communication gifts

This book can lead to new levels of engagement for your church." —John Ortberg, author and pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church «Mel Lawrenz’s vision of a local church that actually reflects the wholeness and beauty of God as it engages with the Lord, one another, and the community is a much-needed call back to God’s original Plan A — a plan that has too often been cast aside in the name of specialization, church growth, and expediency.» —Larry Osborne, North Coast Church, and author, Sticky Church and Spirituality for the Rest of Us «Wow! This book is for every Christian leader who wants to move their church from a narrow self-focus to active engagement in the world with all the resources and possibilities of heaven.» —Mike Slaughter, Ginghamsburg Church «While Mel Lawrenz’s 'four kinds of engagement' aims at congregational application, it also creates a template that individual Jesus-followers can use for self-evaluation of what it means to be the church today