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Marketing Plans. How To Prepare Them, How To Use Them
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Marketing Plans. How To Prepare Them, How To Use Them

5 509 р.

Now in its 7th edition, Marketing Plans is a highly renowned international bestseller

Above all it provides a practical, hands-on guide to implementing every single concept included in the text

Eaton, North Carolina University «A book reaching the quantities sold of Marketing Plans must be a book that is really used

Every point illustrated by powerful practical examples and made actionable through simple, step-by-step templates and exercises


I recommend it to you!" —John D

It is a best-seller in Europe and I strongly recommend the book to anyone with an interest in marketing planning." —Warren J

It is not difficult to see why

It is powerful, up to date and has proved that it works

Keegan, Professor of International Business and Marketing Director, Institute for Global Business Strategy, Pace University, New York «I am extremely impressed by the step lucidity of what is presented.» —Dr D

Major changes to this edition include new chapters based on the very latest research on: Planning for integrated marketing communications and digital marketing Developing multichannel strategy Developing the CRM plan Marketing effectiveness and accountability Marketing Plans is designed as a tool and a user-friendly learning, resource

Malcolm McDonald writes about what to do in marketing and how to do it

McDonald writes with clarity and insight that is becoming increasingly rare today

Ryans, Jr, Bridgestone Professor of International and Professor of International Marketing, Kent State University, Ohio

The book has been thoroughly revised, and every chapter has been carefully updated with special attention to the latest developments in marketing

The book is established as essential reading for all serious professional marketers and students of marketing, from undergraduate and postgraduate to professional courses for bodies such as CIM

The fact that Marketing Plans has been such a massive seller offers testimony of this

To accomplish this, Professor Malcolm McDonald has been joined in this edition by Professor Hugh Wilson, a leading expert on CRM and multichannel strategy as well as marketing planning

Unlike many academic marketing writers, he will never let you forget that marketing ends with -ing." —Kenneth Simmonds, Professor of Marketing and International Business, London Business School «Malcolm McDonald is clearly one of the most respected Professors of Marketing in Europe and the author of a number of outstanding books

«It is clearly and powerfully written and is probably the best book on the theory and practice of marketing planning ever written